Trend Alert: The perfect shade you never knew you needed!

Attention all people deciding to paint their home an ugly off white: read this first!
My last four clients have all had trouble finding what perfect color they want for their homes interior and all of them fell in love with this perfect color. No two homes are a like and no two people are alike but somehow everyone is on board with this sophisticated color.
After a color consultation with me I learned that they all needed a cool color to bring them to a sophisticated and modern tone. But how can you do a cool blue color without getting to childish and intense? With this spectacular color you might not even knew about.

Meet Sherwin Williams “Silver Strand”(SW 7057)  the best color for people looking for something fresh that can work in every single space! This color is a perfect blend for people who love blue and cool tones but don’t want a childlike baby blue. Looks great in every light and shade.

Here are some cool examples of Silver Strand in action:

This color looks so fresh and blue in many forms of light. Gorgeous in dinning rooms.
This color stands strong against a brick. Balances out red tones perfectly. Looks so calming in family rooms.
Bathrooms look clean and fresh with this color
Clean and fresh
Adds character to any office/ craft room/ bedroom.

Are you in love yet? I am, and I am telling you Silver Strand is a must if you are needing a new look and you’re considering painting. Remember, this is the first layer to great design!

If you’re crushing hard go to your local Sherwin Williams or head over to their site and order your paint! It starts with the walls first!

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I hope you make some changes you need and get a beautiful space


3 thoughts on “Trend Alert: The perfect shade you never knew you needed!”

  1. I’ve entered my email address three times for the painting lessons, but your site says it is not a valid email. What to do?

    1. Thank you for letting me know! I sent it to you personally. This is a glitch on my website I am working on getting fixed.

  2. Love this color! We’re considering it for a two-story foyer – do you think it can help set off the entry without closing it in at all? The walls are currently a light navajo white that let the light bounce all around. I love the color, it just doesn’t set off the trim work much at all. Thanks!

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