The timeless and clean tile that will look gorgeous in your space

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Clients time and time again are always wary on tile. What is stylish now? If you have that orange Spanish noce tile….It’s time to update and get your space up to date with the times! The look right now is clean subway tiles!

Subway tile is great if you have a home with kids. The tile resists stains and is easy to wipe off and clean. Because it’s so simple, it’s easy to incorporate different styles and it will last a long time through trends and through out the years. This style isn’t going anywhere!

You can use it in laundry rooms, as a backsplash in a kitchen, in bathrooms, wherever you can think to place tile. Heck, even do a whole wall if you can do it.

Usually it runs fairly cheap. Get an estimate from your local tiling place, and you may be surprised how low the cost is.

You can pick a white grout or a gray for a subtle contrast.

There is more than one installation pattern. Choose whichever speaks to you the most. I personally love the subway style the best in my clients homes.

You can get a super minimalistic look by making the grout lines thin or non existent. Butting them right next to each other.

Subway tiles come in 9 different styles, so whichever look you want to achieve make sure to do some research!

What do you think of subway tiles? Is this something you see your space having? Make your home modern for less with this simple and timeless tile.

*All photos courtesy of Pinterest*

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