The point where you need to pull out the design guns

Starting out fresh is a great feeling. Moving into a new home is one of those feelings. but what happens when you’re stuck with a home still left with a previous owners design? What are your options? Where do you turn to?

My client Debbie reached out to me for a paint consultation. The homes color scheme was very yellow. Yellow walls, warm colored tile, and orange cabinets. Super outdated,  and I could see that she was super lost. This was not her style but she didn’t really know where to go. I picked out a color for her walls to update her home, but I could tell she wasn’t going to be as happy if she didn’t give her new home the best design. Painting walls and picking floors is a great start for great design, but sometimes you need to bring out the design guns when you can. I called out a designer I work and came up with a color pallet. I then used that color pallet to repaint large furniture pieces in her home that were focal points in her home. I stained a table, plastered a beautiful fireplace, and repainted a console.


The transformation started with taking this table and turning it way darker. Dark stains can add a certain richness that some vacant spaces may need.


Next, I wanted to tackle her fireplace. This is an architectural piece that needed to not be so plain and basic. We took the plaster all the way up to the wall making the room feel a lot taller and spacious.


I repainted her sideboard/ buffet in her dining room to match the dinning room table I stained. I also painted it to go with her new color pallet and fabrics a lot easier.

You can watch how the transformation and see how I painted this in my quick little YouTube video below:

After everything was refinished, painted, fabrics put into place, and her new decor all set in, the home was looking incredible!



If you are feeling a little overwhelmed in a new home or space please don’t hesitate to get the best design! A new home is  the perfect place to start because there is so much room  to grow into.

Stay happy and creative friends,


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