You Can Never Repaint Too Much

Have you painted a piece years ago and fell out of love with it? Does it hide in your storage or basement? Get those potential projects out of there! I know once you paint a piece it’s really hard to feel motivated to paint it again, but guess what? You can never ever over paint a piece of furniture. You can always bring life to something you used to love.


My wonderful client Libby had this bottom of a hutch that was painted years and years ago blue. She updated, moved on, and revamped her home recently and this was not fitting in with her home. She was using this as a television console which is an important piece to many. This is a furniture piece that you will most likely look at every day so you want it to make you happy.


I was called in to change things up and bring Libby’s new home style and say bye-bye to this baby blue! I painted the hardware brass to bring it to life. Then I went over all the paneling, drawers, and sides in a chalk paint to get a earthy finish. I also did a faux wood top with a stain and also did the outlines of the piece in this stain to bring it together.

So easy, so doable, and so sophisticated at the end! My client Libby was so thrilled that I could take something that used to be in her home and bring it back out with a brand new face. This is functional and beautiful once again in her home. All I had to do was repaint over a repaint.

final look

You can never repaint too much. If something is useful but ugly to you, paint it! Start solving problems and what bothers you about a piece one brush stroke at a time.

I hope you all find motivation to repaint things in your world,