All about my vacation + a unique DIY Souvenir

I was out of the studio and office because sometimes you just need to close shop and get away from your surroundings. Do you follow me on Facebook and Instagram? If so, some of you were asking about where I was and what I was doing on some of my posts. I took 10 day Caribbean vacation to Turks and Caicos Islands and spent time with some old friends, and made new ones. My really good friend owns a house, her and her husband built on a dream! I got an invite right at the same time it was my sons 21st birthday and so off we went!

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The Turks and Caicos waters are breath taking and that is so relaxing to me. We stayed on the Salt cay (pronounced “Salt Key”) which is an Island that was a huge epicenter for the production of salt in the 1700s. The Turks and Caicos is located in the Bahama island chain and is owned by the Queen of England. The Island Salt Cay has a grand whopping population of 63 people. The people there were so fun, happy, warm and welcoming.

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My friends and the home I stayed in.  “Calypso”

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Some of the new friends my son and I made with the locals.

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 Some beautiful beach time in that gorgeous blue water.

Sometimes when you are so caught up in your own business and are running low on creativity you have to hop out of the country for a little bit to breathe, catch up on the beauty of nature, and separate yourself from everything for a little bit. I came back with a full force of creativity and appreciation for the simple life.
     I’ve brought lots of goodies back from my trip! It’s a tiny rural Island with no shops or anything of that kind, so you have to take something from nature as a souvenir. Watch this Youtube video on how I change one super awesome Island goodie into a beautiful sophisticated home decoration piece by using paint and gold leaf !

Thank you all for being into my trip and following me 😉

Kari Caldwell Studios is growing and big things are coming all thanks to you!
I cherish your interaction and hope you find a place to recharge your creativity too.