Get a dose of Pinspiration and go check out my new boards!

I really hope you’re on Pinterest!
Pinterest is (if you don’t know already) “a social network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting  images or videos to their own or others’ boards (i.e. a collection of ‘pins,’ usually with a common theme) and browsing what other users have pinned.” I highly suggest everyone to make one in order to see what kind of things other designers and creative people are doing so you can grab inspiration.
Go check out these special boards for ideas!
Go check out these special boards for ideas!

I am bringing this to your attention because Kari Caldwell Studios is bringing a “where to use” series to my Pinterest page. I know so many of you admire my work and purchase my videos on how to create finishes, but some of you all fall flat on inspiration. Some of you look at my finishes and think you can’t put it into your home. Some of you admire and like a finish but when looking around your home you don’t think you can integrate it into your space. You may think some of it might go with your surroundings but maybe all you are lacking is inspiration on how to do it!

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I encourage all of you to join Pinterest, it’s a great tool to use when planning out goals and design for your own home. I have went ahead and put together a board for each of my tutorials on where I can see the finish in other peoples space in order to help you all out more. This can show you where exactly to put a finish or give you more than one place to do a finish in your own home.

Happy Pinning and painting everyone,
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I never gave up, I logged on instead

You’ve probably seen me all over social media. I try my best to update often and be myself. When I first started out with my business, people would totally question why I use it or scoff  “that’s so stupid.” It’s not stupid at all! When I was in a hard place and had only $2,400 to my name I logged on to the computer and grew my business! I had no other way to make money. I wasn’t about to give up my artist lifestyle for another job. I made social media accounts and hustled to get where I am today and still hustle!

social media

Social media is a perfect medium for me. I am a shy “standoffish” person but with social media I can post for thousands of people to see because I can communicate comfortably. It’s a tool where I can teach people all over the world to paint. I treat my social media presence as a business and conduct business accordingly because that is where I get some business to paint, and can get others excited to want to paint. So obviously, I wish to be treated like a business on social media.

​I try to give as much of myself and time that I can balance my life without being a workaholic. If you want to watch me paint, watch a quick tutorial, see what I work with and how I work it. I have an excellent YouTube Channel with almost 100,000 views that I am sure you can step away with some knowledge or inspiration from. I also of course have Sellfy videos for purchase where I can teach you step by step to paint.
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Kari Caldwell Studios is a business that works in Southern California homes and also creates videos to help others paint in order to change what they have in their home or to become professional painters so they can hustle and make a better life for themselves. When I get messages with people asking me to tell them what products I use, how to use it, where I buy things, etc. It feels a bit invasive of my intellectual property and icky. I’ve spent 20 years building up my business and I am continuing to build and grow. I am not obligated to tell anyone anything.  I always want the best for my viewers and want you to be happy with your furniture, home, or business. I would love to chat all day about what products I use and how to use it over social media to you, but I can’t. I am a girl boss! I have a business to run, employees to pay, and a family to support!
You wouldn’t walk into a store, see a dress, then ask the associates how they made the dress and to tell you what fabrics and dyes they used. It’s the same thing. My social media is a business. So thank you so much for those of you that treat it like so, you’re my tribe. I wish you the best.

Don’t get shut down…your itches will be scratched and your questions will be answered! I am rebooting my website super soon where I have a new service to offer! Virtual consultations! We can set up a meeting where I can walk you through the steps or answer your paint color questions, clear coat questions, and other questions without any distractions. Stay tuned for that option! We can chat about whatever you want. It’s coming soon. So save a date for me if  you got questions 😉

If you are trying to grow a business yourself, do not take social media as a joke! Do not give up on your artistic passions! Make that money. I suggest you log on to sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest and grow! If you are not a business person and more of a hobby painter, support other painters starting up a business and get inspired.
Have a creative day and never stop the hustle,