Secret Source Club

Hey Hey Makers,

I get asked questions all the time about how I come up with the paint finishes I use to help my clients interiors, turn into their dream homes. How I know which products to use, how many layer is it, what colors did I use and how did I do that? 

The truth is, I am a rule breaker. So I can create fast easy and awesome finishes and teach you how too.

I love experiment. I like to mix things up and treat every project like art. A lot of my success, as a decorative painter for the last 24 years, is all given credit to the freedom to experiment.

I want to teach you how to paint with your intuition. I want you to have the courage to be a little rebel and use a little of this and a little of that. And trust yourself enough to create, with ease and confidence.


 I want to show you a new way of teaching my style of  painting techniques for  “things” in your home. 

 So my friends, I give you the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP TO JOIN

Secret Source Club


From walls, to beams, fireplaces, kitchen cabinets, furniture, mirrors, plasters, gold leafing, frames and anything to freshen up the homes interior. 

If you love to DIY or have a flare of doing projects for others in their home or yours this is the place for you, or:

  • You teach paint classes and want to know more techniques.
  • You are a hobbyist and want to know what I know.
  • You are working on large scale projects.
  • You want interior design help. 
  •  You want to start up your decorative painting business and you want to learn more.
  • You want to design your home like a pro 

 You get exactly what i am doing now in my clients homes. I will be the source, to guide you to the next level of painting.

Since it’s online, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

The Secret Source Club will include: 

  •  One Live tutorial monthly and tips 
  • Consultations, help, support, and feedback from myself and others in the club.
  • Requests You can request what content that YOU want to see
  • A community of people who want to venture out of boring painting projects as well
  •  You are welcomed to post photos, comment and receive uplifting comments on your work
  • You will learn about other products besides paint to create amazing work

Because this club is all about freedom. You are welcome to join and leave at any time you wish. Every person is welcomed warmly to join and stay awhile. 


Let me make it easy for you to paint and decorate. Join the Secret Source Club TODAY by clicking subscribe below ↓ And I will see you in the group!

Do you know how to start a wall stencil?

Considering Wallpaper in your home or business? Stop right there and put the glue down. Consider stenciling first! Stenciling is a great way to replicate almost any pattern to a wall without the prep and ripping of the wall. All you need to use is a stencil, tape, and paint. It’s that easy!
If you are also considering doing an accent wall, stop right there before you paint it all solid! Get something better and more interesting than a solid wall color!
Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.02.37 PM
My client and designer wanted to fill a giant blank void of wall so I thought I would choose a stencil that was inspired by the chair patterns in the same room. They loved the idea and let me do my magic to this wall! So with my royal design studio stencil and paint, I made this look possible!
Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.04.07 PM
Stenciling was kind of a challenge because this wall is slanted. I had to trust my technique and handle this little sliver! You work center downwards, then right and left to close it all up.
Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.05.22 PM
I was posting on Facebook as kind of my visual diary through the process and people thought it was wallpaper! It’s not! Stenciling can give you such a better controlled look.
 Another person on my Facebook asked me how I even start a stenciling pattern because she was scared and intimidated to start one! It’s simple, let me show you. In my new Youtube Video below I show you how I put this pattern on can watch the whole transformation to the end through a time lapse:


I personally love using Royal Design Stencils and used the “Khanjali ikat” stencil for this wall. I love the pattern and it adds something so wonderful to make a beautiful statement walls. You can do this same pattern in any color with this high quality stencil. You can get the exact Stencil here:
I typically buy two so I can get it done faster with my assistant.
If Stenciling is something you think you want to try, I encourage you to do so! Get going and paint something beautiful,