Succulents: the Low Maintenance Wonder Plant

If you want the freshness a plant gives you that coordinates with your busy life try the on trend plants, Succulents!

Succulents are those cute spiral like plants that retain a ton of water. They also can be replanted over and over again by just tearing a piece off and planting a new one. Oh no, you’ve killed a succulent? Just tear it off and start over! A wonder plant!

Plants are a part of my seven layers on design plan and really do give a space life and freshness. If you’re on the go and not entirely a green thumb try out succulents. They’ve been trendy in interiors for the past few years and I don’t see them going anywhere. Pick some up from your local farmers market and place them into a decorative object for an unexpected look. I’m currently planting them into a donkey skull and leaving it in my garden.

Try putting them into a terrarium if you like minimalistic style. Bringing these plants in doors adds a fun bubbly welcoming look.

Try growing succulents this season and see how stress free and simple they are while adding such a nice friendly feel. Try a cool wooden bowl with soil and some succulents, a skull, or interesting pots of them here and there, or even one big pot with succulents as a center piece.

Happy planting,