Secret Source Club

Hey Hey Makers,

I get asked questions all the time about how I come up with the paint finishes I use to help my clients interiors, turn into their dream homes. How I know which products to use, how many layer is it, what colors did I use and how did I do that? 

The truth is, I am a rule breaker. So I can create fast easy and awesome finishes and teach you how too.

I love experiment. I like to mix things up and treat every project like art. A lot of my success, as a decorative painter for the last 24 years, is all given credit to the freedom to experiment.

I want to teach you how to paint with your intuition. I want you to have the courage to be a little rebel and use a little of this and a little of that. And trust yourself enough to create, with ease and confidence.


 I want to show you a new way of teaching my style of  painting techniques for  “things” in your home. 

 So my friends, I give you the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP TO JOIN

Secret Source Club


From walls, to beams, fireplaces, kitchen cabinets, furniture, mirrors, plasters, gold leafing, frames and anything to freshen up the homes interior. 

If you love to DIY or have a flare of doing projects for others in their home or yours this is the place for you, or:

  • You teach paint classes and want to know more techniques.
  • You are a hobbyist and want to know what I know.
  • You are working on large scale projects.
  • You want interior design help. 
  •  You want to start up your decorative painting business and you want to learn more.
  • You want to design your home like a pro 

 You get exactly what i am doing now in my clients homes. I will be the source, to guide you to the next level of painting.

Since it’s online, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

The Secret Source Club will include: 

  •  One Live tutorial monthly and tips 
  • Consultations, help, support, and feedback from myself and others in the club.
  • Requests You can request what content that YOU want to see
  • A community of people who want to venture out of boring painting projects as well
  •  You are welcomed to post photos, comment and receive uplifting comments on your work
  • You will learn about other products besides paint to create amazing work

Because this club is all about freedom. You are welcome to join and leave at any time you wish. Every person is welcomed warmly to join and stay awhile. 


Let me make it easy for you to paint and decorate. Join the Secret Source Club TODAY by clicking subscribe below ↓ And I will see you in the group!

Your House is Missing a Pink Panther

So maybe not exactly a real pink panther, and not the cartoon either, but a beautiful velvet pink accent to your home! Stay on trend with this look by plugging in the best color right now for homes. Pink & velvet.
That may seem super adventurous and a struggle to convince your partner at home that pink is the wave right now that home owners need to ride, but trust me, this color and velvet trend is such a beautiful happy trend!
How can you implement this look into your home:
•Subtle and sweet accent pillows!
 Grab a velvet pink pillow with other colors too if you want to bring a low vibration room to life! The texture and fun pattern of this pillow can boost your home.
•Pink sofas.
Liven up your abode with this look if you dare! A pink velvet sofa makes a statement and is a sexy edgy way to add the velvet and pink look to a room.
•Upholstered chairs.
Make your dinning room or bedroom chairs lush and beautiful with a dusty rose velvet. You can always find a pink velvet fabric and reupholster your chairs to make it the perfect pink!
Are you in love yet with this look? Need this beautiful look into your home asap?! I already found you some ways to accent pink velvet. Grab some right now!
Pink Velvet Pillows (pack of 2):
Pink Lounge Chair:
Elegant Sofa Sleeper:
Pink Plush Fabric by the yard:
I hope I could inspire you and give you an idea to step outside the box and make you consider pink!
Do you dare to go pink? Can you see where you can add a splash of this to your interior?
-Kari Caldwell

Zero to One Hundred in 5 Days

I met my client Julie though a mentoring group and became friends. She appreciated my work and told me it was her personal goal to work hard and make enough money to hire me and my team to redo her beach side apartment! She met her goals and we made her dream come true by flipping her apartment in 5 days!

I collaborated with another designer I love on this project because I knew I needed a great eye for shopping. We painted, shopped, and organized her home to get it the sophisticated and updated space it is now.

In those 5 days we managed to flip work our magic, check out the stunning results below:

Her laundry room was unorganized and now it’s organized and happy.
Her bathroom went from cluttered to functional and clean.


Before and after of her bedroom
Her dinning room actually has some life and beauty to it now.
Her living room before and after really shows the growth.


I repainted her furniture and added some fun and quirky touches that I knew matched Julie’s style.

If your home is a design flop or you need help getting a beautiful space, ask for a consultation.  I can help you get the space you love and desire. Let’s create!

I hope you all stayed inspired and creative,


The point where you need to pull out the design guns

Starting out fresh is a great feeling. Moving into a new home is one of those feelings. but what happens when you’re stuck with a home still left with a previous owners design? What are your options? Where do you turn to?

My client Debbie reached out to me for a paint consultation. The homes color scheme was very yellow. Yellow walls, warm colored tile, and orange cabinets. Super outdated,  and I could see that she was super lost. This was not her style but she didn’t really know where to go. I picked out a color for her walls to update her home, but I could tell she wasn’t going to be as happy if she didn’t give her new home the best design. Painting walls and picking floors is a great start for great design, but sometimes you need to bring out the design guns when you can. I called out a designer I work and came up with a color pallet. I then used that color pallet to repaint large furniture pieces in her home that were focal points in her home. I stained a table, plastered a beautiful fireplace, and repainted a console.


The transformation started with taking this table and turning it way darker. Dark stains can add a certain richness that some vacant spaces may need.


Next, I wanted to tackle her fireplace. This is an architectural piece that needed to not be so plain and basic. We took the plaster all the way up to the wall making the room feel a lot taller and spacious.


I repainted her sideboard/ buffet in her dining room to match the dinning room table I stained. I also painted it to go with her new color pallet and fabrics a lot easier.

You can watch how the transformation and see how I painted this in my quick little YouTube video below:

After everything was refinished, painted, fabrics put into place, and her new decor all set in, the home was looking incredible!



If you are feeling a little overwhelmed in a new home or space please don’t hesitate to get the best design! A new home is  the perfect place to start because there is so much room  to grow into.

Stay happy and creative friends,


The first two steps you need to know before you start

Want to know where to get more bang for your buck when it comes to interior design and renovating? Are you worried you’re not making the right changes? Well all you need to know is my absolute philosophy I use when helping people make changes to their homes interiors. That is the seven layers of design. Out of all the seven layers, the first two are the most important!
Layer 1: Paint & Architecture.
Layer 2: Installed Flooring.
These are the most sacred and most valuable steps and they are the first!
My amazing client Angie brought me to her home and needed some major design changes. She told me she spent over $800 on pillows and accessories and she was unhappy and confused. I knew what she ultimately had to do and tell her about the seven layers to interior design. We started with the first layer. I told her to repaint her walls with something new and modern. I also painted a big empty wall in her game room like a chalk board. This house had a unique wall openings so I thought why not utilize it?
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.53.24 AM
I then had this vision of painted shiplap along her walls. She had the boards put up and painted and it brought the most unique and perfect touch to the style of her home. The paint and shiplap accentuates the cool architecture, baseboards, and sections in In her home. (Also check out the custom weathered wood and wire cabinets.)
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.52.46 AM
Next, she had an overwhelming 3 types of flooring in her home, so I told her to pick new flooring and make it only one type. She had me help her pick out the most unique and inspired by her personal country  style taste. The flooring picked out completed the second layer of design. This was a huge difference because she previously had so many different types of flooring in one space.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.53.00 AM
 The flooring helped the flow of the house and helped it remain a certain elegant style.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.56.37 AM
She made so much change with just two layers down that she started there and suddenly great design was coming to her. She felt inspired. We remodeled the kitchen next to give her the best Country style kitchen. Complete with weathered barn doors. I also told her to close off a small hallway and turn it into an open pantry and that’s just what she got.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.59.35 AM
We had her put the shiplap on her one wall all the way through as her kitchens back splash and on her Island. We re-plastered her hood to a beautiful and softer finish. We gave her more distressed weathered wood cabinets and shelving. This kitchen really turned into a sophisticated country style that our client dreamed of. Her remodeled kitchen after her floors and walls really brought things together and gave here a direction to go with her home. All you have to do is learn the seven layers of design.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.00.50 PM
The new design of her home has changed dramatically for the better. She now has a beautiful home.
The seven layers matter. The first two are the ones you need to start with before you even consider decor or furniture. Make the most out of your home or space and start with the first two layers.