The 5 things to get a great nights sleep while traveling

I am planing to travel a lot right now and wow does a good nights sleep sound awesome. Sometimes the jet lag sets in or the feeling of not being at home can really take a toll on getting a well rested sleep. Here are some products I like to use when traveling to get to sleep.

  1. A stress relief candle.

Aroma therapy is powerful and filling up your hotel or air bnb with this stuff can really get you into the proper energy to go into a deep and comfortable snooze. Just be careful and remember to blow it out before you drift off.

You can buy this candle here:

2. Boneco travel size mister.

This mist was give you some relief if your sinuses are acting up and you want to have a decongested night. You can buy this here:

3. Natural Sound Machine.

This natural sound machine can drown out the noisy city and keep you in a serene calm and lovely state of sleep. Ge this sound machine here:


4. Deep sleep pillow spray.

This pillow spray will ease anxieties and help you rest your unsettled head to draw it to a deep sleep. Just spray over your pillows in your hotel, airBnB, or your own bedroom to get a great sleep.  You can get this spray here:

5.Dream dust

This mixture of herbs, vegetables, and chamomile flowers will combat and put you into a great well rested sleep.  You can buy this here:

If you take these with you while traveling you can get a great nights sleep virtually anywhere! Make sure to pack with you comfy pajamas, and silk pillow case too!