Zero to One Hundred in 5 Days

I met my client Julie though a mentoring group and became friends. She appreciated my work and told me it was her personal goal to work hard and make enough money to hire me and my team to redo her beach side apartment! She met her goals and we made her dream come true by flipping her apartment in 5 days!

I collaborated with another designer I love on this project because I knew I needed a great eye for shopping. We painted, shopped, and organized her home to get it the sophisticated and updated space it is now.

In those 5 days we managed to flip work our magic, check out the stunning results below:

Her laundry room was unorganized and now it’s organized and happy.
Her bathroom went from cluttered to functional and clean.


Before and after of her bedroom
Her dinning room actually has some life and beauty to it now.
Her living room before and after really shows the growth.


I repainted her furniture and added some fun and quirky touches that I knew matched Julie’s style.

If your home is a design flop or you need help getting a beautiful space, ask for a consultation.  I can help you get the space you love and desire. Let’s create!

I hope you all stayed inspired and creative,