Stop Self Sabotage and Start Saying No

I wanted to talk to you about something I struggle with in my business that you might as well.
I am a business woman. I run and founded Kari Caldwell Studios in 1995. I faux paint, custom finish, and design peoples homes and furniture. I do work mostly out on sites both residential and commercial.
I have always had this habit of accepting work that makes me unhappy. What an odd situation, right? Here I am, a multi-talented faux artist, picking up petty jobs that trap me and my creativity. I try to please all clients I get without stepping back and thinking if we are a good design fit and if taking on a project will make me happy,  allowing me to grow as an artist. These small reflective steps before starting a project can save so much emotional stress, but I have ignored them and end up self-sabotaging myself.
If I accept a job that isn’t a great fit or say yes to things that don’t make me feel valued as an artist it is very draining! It makes me unhappy and stressed. It doesn’t make me feel like how I want to feel. I don’t feel respected as an artist. With self value decreasing, obligations and guilt on my chest, and pressure increasing it creates chaos for myself when I should look over situations and say NO!
This is an actual common thing for lots of people. Do you get pressured into picking up obligations or jobs you don’t want to do? Start saying no! It seems scary and that in itself is a fear we create for ourselves. It isn’t real. We self sabotage ourselves and kill out our creativity and worth when we accept things we do not want to do.
Below is a video of the eccentric pop star Lady Gaga talking about this exact problem and how saying no to things made her happier in her life and career.

If you are an artist, run a business, or even deal with friends and family that weigh you down with favors and tasks that do not make you happy: say no! Fear of rejecting people and fear of unpleasing people is self sabotage. Free yourself and find your self worth. Make yourself happy at the end of the day. That is all that matters. Do not waste one more minute doing things you do not want to do.
I hope you can learn to apply this in all areas of your lives. Dating, friendships, business, marriage, any where else you can apply and regain self value.
Creative people like ourselves need to remember that our happiness should not be compromised due to jobs, obligations, and tasks that make us unhappy.
It is time to start saying no more often in our lives and say yes to the things that we want to do and that make us happy.