The 5 things to get a great nights sleep while traveling

I am planing to travel a lot right now and wow does a good nights sleep sound awesome. Sometimes the jet lag sets in or the feeling of not being at home can really take a toll on getting a well rested sleep. Here are some products I like to use when traveling to get to sleep.

  1. A stress relief candle.

Aroma therapy is powerful and filling up your hotel or air bnb with this stuff can really get you into the proper energy to go into a deep and comfortable snooze. Just be careful and remember to blow it out before you drift off.

You can buy this candle here:

2. Boneco travel size mister.

This mist was give you some relief if your sinuses are acting up and you want to have a decongested night. You can buy this here:

3. Natural Sound Machine.

This natural sound machine can drown out the noisy city and keep you in a serene calm and lovely state of sleep. Ge this sound machine here:


4. Deep sleep pillow spray.

This pillow spray will ease anxieties and help you rest your unsettled head to draw it to a deep sleep. Just spray over your pillows in your hotel, airBnB, or your own bedroom to get a great sleep.  You can get this spray here:

5.Dream dust

This mixture of herbs, vegetables, and chamomile flowers will combat and put you into a great well rested sleep.  You can buy this here:

If you take these with you while traveling you can get a great nights sleep virtually anywhere! Make sure to pack with you comfy pajamas, and silk pillow case too!

My 6 Favorite Items from the Magnolia Home Collection @ Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

Hello friends,

I just came across some exciting news! Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper and Magnolia has a line at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Joanna has such a great style and eye for home decor and design.

She is well respected and a talented designer. Some of her products can really be the perfect pattern or color to bring your look to a current  and fresh look.

Here are my top 6 items in the Magnolia home for Bed, Bath & Beyond collection:

  1. This beautiful pillow the “Norma Oblong Throw Pillow in Pink/Beige” is such a fun little pillow. I love the textures and stripes. This tone makes this very non dominant. It’s not as busy as it looks when you put this pillow in a space. I like the textures and pink with the taupe colors. It’s a balance of a feminine and masculine home if you are living with others in your space.

2. The “Ward Square Throw Pillow in Navy/Pink” pillow is also my other favorite pillow in this collection because it’s such a nice little pop of happiness. It’s girly yet non dominant. Can be placed in a south west or coastal style home. Very cute and happy.

3. My next favorite of this collection is the “Trinity Rug in Ivory/Sand.” I absolutely adore faded rugs. This is my absolute favorite way to get a patterned rug in your space without it being so loud. Tis ivory and sand color let’s it go with any interior and color. You can plop this down and build your design with it if you needed. Very versatile and stunning.

4. This next rug is so adorable! This is the “Brushstroke Sunset Rug in Silver” rug from the magnolia home collection. I think this is a fun pop of life and color. Perfect for a bathroom. You could build off of the the orange tone and complimentary colors. I can see this in a cute bathroom with navy blue towels. I want this!

5. You can never go wrong with a black patterned rug! This “Lotus rug” is busy yet so simple. This can be your statement rug and also a design grounder. I love a pop of black  in homes and this can be that grounding contrast your space needs for dimension.

6. Lastly, another favorite is the “Reversible Throw in Black/White.”I think this throw looks really cozy and beautiful. Stripes are always in and can be versatile in design. You can lounge this against your furniture or place it on a bedding. Throws are comfortable and can add a pinch of design if your upholstered furniture needs a little boost. The black and grays in this can go with any color imaginable.

You can go check out this collection at your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond or click on the website here: View the Magnolia home Collection for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. 

What are some of your favorites? Where have you put some of your Magnolia Home items? Let me know!


How to turn your hobby into a business

Hello my friends,

I know so many of you want the golden ticket on how to grow your creative business and it can be so hard when you’re learning from non creative people. It may work for those who aren’t painting, running an Etsy, making wreaths, or crafting….but for those of us who so this is really difficult to progress and move forward.

After spending tons of money on business coaching and seminars and trainings, I have found someone who speaks to you like a fellow creative person! Jennifer Allwood of the Creative Entrepreneurs Inner Circle. She speaks directly to us like a creative, not a business executive! She gets us and knows the struggle and shows you how you can take your hobby from a craft to a business!

You deserve to have this life changing information to grow and make money with your hobby or art!

Click here now to join the Creative Entrepreneurs Inner Circle 

I promise you will grow and change with your business with Jennifers Guidance.

7 Easy Ways to Incorporate the Color Black in Your Home

Don’t shy away from black! No it’s not too dark for your space and actually your place might look better if you pop it in here and there. Black is actually a neutral tone that is a natural color.  Just like in fashion it flatters! The contrast adds dimension and makes a room feel more grounded. Black looks really good with all colors, whites, and grays. My favorite look is the matte black look. It doesn’t look to dark because it’s so soft and it instantly turns anything super chic.

If you have a home on the more masculine or modern side, it may be easy to put a pop of black, but for those who want to incorporate black and don’t know how here are five tips:

  1. a chalk board!

A chalk board wall or even a framed chalk board will give you that calming black that can really be the think you need in a space. This technique doesn’t really work with colored chalk boards. This is also multi functional. You can draw a cool design or write reminders on the board.

2) Paint a large furniture piece black

Yes, paint a large furniture piece black. This can help remove those bulky built ins wardrobes from sticking out so much by camouflaging them into your space. I would also consider painting your Island black as well because that often is the largest piece in a home sometimes.

3) Paint a door black.

Paint the doors inside your home black or repaint the front door black. This isn’t that spooky or weird for doors to be black. It won’t look odd and will really make your hallways more calming.

4) Pop in a patterned rug with black in it

Sometimes something as simple as a patterned rug is all you need to bring in the color black. Rugs with black designs are perfect to create interest yet not overwhelm a space.


5) Lampshades and lamps

If anything, this is a really easy simple tip to put black in your home easily. Just a pop of this in your lighting area will bring in the color you need!

6) Chair legs!

Repaint chair legs to a black. This is also very simple and could be what you needed to get the uniformed and polished look into the room.

7) Your Sink Faucet!

A friend of mine recently installed a black faucet and I love that idea. A clean kitchen can handle a black faucet. That is such a simple and great way to utilize black in your space.

Where else have you put the color black into your space? Are you inspired to try black now?

Thank you for reading!


*******All photos came from they didn’t have sourcing, if these are yours let me know*********

How to Age with Glaze!

In get this question so so often I thought I’d make it into a nice little blog post for you all.

To get this look you will need:
1 rag
1 Chip brush
1 bucket
General Finishes Van Dyke Brow water based Glaze Effect. (You can buy this here: )

This is a really simple process that makes really great results.

The goal is to get into all the cracks of cabinetry, carvings, and edges. The brown glaze gives off an aged feel that is perfectly custom.

Watch this video to find out how I do this and what the end results look like:

Remember, the glaze is key! Get it here:

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Get a dose of Pinspiration and go check out my new boards!

I really hope you’re on Pinterest!
Pinterest is (if you don’t know already) “a social network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting  images or videos to their own or others’ boards (i.e. a collection of ‘pins,’ usually with a common theme) and browsing what other users have pinned.” I highly suggest everyone to make one in order to see what kind of things other designers and creative people are doing so you can grab inspiration.
Go check out these special boards for ideas!
Go check out these special boards for ideas!

I am bringing this to your attention because Kari Caldwell Studios is bringing a “where to use” series to my Pinterest page. I know so many of you admire my work and purchase my videos on how to create finishes, but some of you all fall flat on inspiration. Some of you look at my finishes and think you can’t put it into your home. Some of you admire and like a finish but when looking around your home you don’t think you can integrate it into your space. You may think some of it might go with your surroundings but maybe all you are lacking is inspiration on how to do it!

Click here to View Kari Caldwell Studios Pinterest

I encourage all of you to join Pinterest, it’s a great tool to use when planning out goals and design for your own home. I have went ahead and put together a board for each of my tutorials on where I can see the finish in other peoples space in order to help you all out more. This can show you where exactly to put a finish or give you more than one place to do a finish in your own home.

Happy Pinning and painting everyone,
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Hey Friends,

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Every two weeks learn a new unique finish with a new video every single week.

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I want to talk to you directly and know what you think of painting and how we can get you to painting and making the most of  your talents.

Get to know me and know your own style of painting. Evolve and gain more techniques over this summer. This is a casual approach to painting new finishes that you cannot get any where else!

We will expand and talk out painting. We will explore and share tips and thoughts. You do not want to miss out on this amazing experience.

If you are excited to start and want to join my Summer of Finishes, please click below to set up a subscription for the summer and we will contact you in the next 24-48 hours after your payment to give you a special link to join my virtual online lesson.

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First lesson starts June 20th

I hope to see you and get to know you this summer 🙂


Okay you can seriously stop waiting now..

Have you been stuck with built in pieces you wish you could just redo without the expenses of ripping out walls, fireplaces, and having your home feeling destroyed? Have you been putting off a project too long? If it involves a fireplace or built ins, consider refinishing with a plaster.

My Client Lisa called me out to look at her family rooms built in. It was painted black and the contrast of the room because of the built in was not working with her home at all. She was always unhappy with the color but kept putting off repainting it, ripping it out, and refinishing it, because of the high price of the quotes she received and because it really wasn’t going to make the room happy like she wanted it. She lived with this black paint on her built in for seven years until I touched it! She had to stop waiting.


Lisa actually purchased the console from my “Kari Caldwell Studios for Tah Dah” video and turned it into a fabulous bathroom sink! So when she knew it was the time to make changes in her home, she asked Tah Dah and they sent her to me!


I decided that my grey plaster finish (from my tutorial video here ) would add the perfect look and mask all that dark color.  I painted it, put the beautiful stone plaster on using my technique from my video twice and waxed it down. The only black I decided to keep on this wall was the inside of the fireplace. This is a look that makes the messy dirty black fireplaces look clean, elegant, and masks off that sooty inside.



Lisa was so amazed at the end results. I took away that old traditional fluting and filled it with the plaster to get a solid strong yet soft look. It really matches her home and is such a beautiful stone look.

If you want to learn how you too can change a bold built in, consider learning how to do it yourself with the help of my tutorial! Watch the trailer below, you can buy this tutorial by clicking here.

You can always fill out a consultation if you want me to do it for you too 😉

I hope you all make the changes in  your home so you are always happy.


The first two steps you need to know before you start

Want to know where to get more bang for your buck when it comes to interior design and renovating? Are you worried you’re not making the right changes? Well all you need to know is my absolute philosophy I use when helping people make changes to their homes interiors. That is the seven layers of design. Out of all the seven layers, the first two are the most important!
Layer 1: Paint & Architecture.
Layer 2: Installed Flooring.
These are the most sacred and most valuable steps and they are the first!
My amazing client Angie brought me to her home and needed some major design changes. She told me she spent over $800 on pillows and accessories and she was unhappy and confused. I knew what she ultimately had to do and tell her about the seven layers to interior design. We started with the first layer. I told her to repaint her walls with something new and modern. I also painted a big empty wall in her game room like a chalk board. This house had a unique wall openings so I thought why not utilize it?
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.53.24 AM
I then had this vision of painted shiplap along her walls. She had the boards put up and painted and it brought the most unique and perfect touch to the style of her home. The paint and shiplap accentuates the cool architecture, baseboards, and sections in In her home. (Also check out the custom weathered wood and wire cabinets.)
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.52.46 AM
Next, she had an overwhelming 3 types of flooring in her home, so I told her to pick new flooring and make it only one type. She had me help her pick out the most unique and inspired by her personal country  style taste. The flooring picked out completed the second layer of design. This was a huge difference because she previously had so many different types of flooring in one space.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.53.00 AM
 The flooring helped the flow of the house and helped it remain a certain elegant style.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.56.37 AM
She made so much change with just two layers down that she started there and suddenly great design was coming to her. She felt inspired. We remodeled the kitchen next to give her the best Country style kitchen. Complete with weathered barn doors. I also told her to close off a small hallway and turn it into an open pantry and that’s just what she got.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.59.35 AM
We had her put the shiplap on her one wall all the way through as her kitchens back splash and on her Island. We re-plastered her hood to a beautiful and softer finish. We gave her more distressed weathered wood cabinets and shelving. This kitchen really turned into a sophisticated country style that our client dreamed of. Her remodeled kitchen after her floors and walls really brought things together and gave here a direction to go with her home. All you have to do is learn the seven layers of design.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.00.50 PM
The new design of her home has changed dramatically for the better. She now has a beautiful home.
The seven layers matter. The first two are the ones you need to start with before you even consider decor or furniture. Make the most out of your home or space and start with the first two layers.