Succulents: the Low Maintenance Wonder Plant

If you want the freshness a plant gives you that coordinates with your busy life try the on trend plants, Succulents!

Succulents are those cute spiral like plants that retain a ton of water. They also can be replanted over and over again by just tearing a piece off and planting a new one. Oh no, you’ve killed a succulent? Just tear it off and start over! A wonder plant!

Plants are a part of my seven layers on design plan and really do give a space life and freshness. If you’re on the go and not entirely a green thumb try out succulents. They’ve been trendy in interiors for the past few years and I don’t see them going anywhere. Pick some up from your local farmers market and place them into a decorative object for an unexpected look. I’m currently planting them into a donkey skull and leaving it in my garden.

Try putting them into a terrarium if you like minimalistic style. Bringing these plants in doors adds a fun bubbly welcoming look.

Try growing succulents this season and see how stress free and simple they are while adding such a nice friendly feel. Try a cool wooden bowl with soil and some succulents, a skull, or interesting pots of them here and there, or even one big pot with succulents as a center piece.

Happy planting,


7 Easy Ways to Incorporate the Color Black in Your Home

Don’t shy away from black! No it’s not too dark for your space and actually your place might look better if you pop it in here and there. Black is actually a neutral tone that is a natural color.  Just like in fashion it flatters! The contrast adds dimension and makes a room feel more grounded. Black looks really good with all colors, whites, and grays. My favorite look is the matte black look. It doesn’t look to dark because it’s so soft and it instantly turns anything super chic.

If you have a home on the more masculine or modern side, it may be easy to put a pop of black, but for those who want to incorporate black and don’t know how here are five tips:

  1. a chalk board!

A chalk board wall or even a framed chalk board will give you that calming black that can really be the think you need in a space. This technique doesn’t really work with colored chalk boards. This is also multi functional. You can draw a cool design or write reminders on the board.

2) Paint a large furniture piece black

Yes, paint a large furniture piece black. This can help remove those bulky built ins wardrobes from sticking out so much by camouflaging them into your space. I would also consider painting your Island black as well because that often is the largest piece in a home sometimes.

3) Paint a door black.

Paint the doors inside your home black or repaint the front door black. This isn’t that spooky or weird for doors to be black. It won’t look odd and will really make your hallways more calming.

4) Pop in a patterned rug with black in it

Sometimes something as simple as a patterned rug is all you need to bring in the color black. Rugs with black designs are perfect to create interest yet not overwhelm a space.


5) Lampshades and lamps

If anything, this is a really easy simple tip to put black in your home easily. Just a pop of this in your lighting area will bring in the color you need!

6) Chair legs!

Repaint chair legs to a black. This is also very simple and could be what you needed to get the uniformed and polished look into the room.

7) Your Sink Faucet!

A friend of mine recently installed a black faucet and I love that idea. A clean kitchen can handle a black faucet. That is such a simple and great way to utilize black in your space.

Where else have you put the color black into your space? Are you inspired to try black now?

Thank you for reading!


*******All photos came from they didn’t have sourcing, if these are yours let me know*********

Zero to One Hundred in 5 Days

I met my client Julie though a mentoring group and became friends. She appreciated my work and told me it was her personal goal to work hard and make enough money to hire me and my team to redo her beach side apartment! She met her goals and we made her dream come true by flipping her apartment in 5 days!

I collaborated with another designer I love on this project because I knew I needed a great eye for shopping. We painted, shopped, and organized her home to get it the sophisticated and updated space it is now.

In those 5 days we managed to flip work our magic, check out the stunning results below:

Her laundry room was unorganized and now it’s organized and happy.
Her bathroom went from cluttered to functional and clean.


Before and after of her bedroom
Her dinning room actually has some life and beauty to it now.
Her living room before and after really shows the growth.


I repainted her furniture and added some fun and quirky touches that I knew matched Julie’s style.

If your home is a design flop or you need help getting a beautiful space, ask for a consultation.  I can help you get the space you love and desire. Let’s create!

I hope you all stayed inspired and creative,