Our Moroccan Adventure

Hello my friends!

I want to invite you to something totally different. I want you to come with me to the fabulous Marrakesh, Morocco! Yes, you!

Morocco is such an inspiring place I love to travel to and fuel up on inspiration and to kind of get back into the zen of working my business. It is my special place that I wish so many people could experience because it has given me an abundance of inspiration and knowledge of the country and the culture.

I know some people may not be as much of a free spirit as I am and get worried when considering going to a foreign country, but please know I will be here for you and to help you along every step of the way.

This adventure is includes:

  • Breakfast. Wake up every morning to a rooftop or a beautiful dinning room with food prepared just for you.
  • Tours. Experience the Moroccan culture and see the old world craft and architecture. Explore vendors and street artisans.
  • Lunches. A new unique taste every day.
  • Spa. Relax and unwind to a fabulous retreat by the best of the best in spas.
  • Dinner. Dine together and enjoy the most beautiful restaurants and surround yourself in flavors.


All you have to do is show up and experience Marrakech. You won’t have to worry about anything, the plans are all ready for you to join.

This  is not a painting or design retreat, this is just an adventure I want you to come with me to.

Unfortunately I can only take 6 people this time so the adventure is very limited but do not be discouraged to not try to attend.


A shared room & adventure: $2395

A private room & adventure: $2895

I will try to make this as affordable as possible for you, and we can even discuss a payment plan! 

The deadline for a payment plan will be June 30th! otherwise you will have to pay in full to join.
If you are up for this adventure please email me with the subject line as “I want to adventure with you” and we can confirm your spot for your adventure, I’ll send you an itinerary, and we can discuss your payment options.

Hope to meet you all and spend time with you in Morocco!

24 thoughts on “Our Moroccan Adventure”

  1. Very interested in the trip to Morocco. Last time you went it was mesmerizing. I’m interested in what the cost will be and payment plan.

  2. What will the pricing be outside the 2395 for the shared room? Does thid include the adventures and food? What about airfare and ground transportation? Im interested…would love to go, if pricing us right. If its all inclusive with 2395..omg im in. =)

  3. What are the dates? Am I blind or what I don’t see the travel dates on this info??? lol I wanta goooooooo!
    Thx Michelle Reilly

  4. Does the price include flights or is that on our own? Very interested, depends on the job situation.

  5. Kari took us on an amazing adventure! We explored so many aspects of Marrakech, including guides through the Medina, cooking classes at the Amal Center, spa treatments galore, gardens, camels, goats in trees….the experience is limitless! Kari put her heart into planning this, her first time sharing Marrakech with others….and I highly recommend seeing Morocco with her….she beams life when surrounded by all that is Morocco!

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