Okay you can seriously stop waiting now..

Have you been stuck with built in pieces you wish you could just redo without the expenses of ripping out walls, fireplaces, and having your home feeling destroyed? Have you been putting off a project too long? If it involves a fireplace or built ins, consider refinishing with a plaster.

My Client Lisa called me out to look at her family rooms built in. It was painted black and the contrast of the room because of the built in was not working with her home at all. She was always unhappy with the color but kept putting off repainting it, ripping it out, and refinishing it, because of the high price of the quotes she received and because it really wasn’t going to make the room happy like she wanted it. She lived with this black paint on her built in for seven years until I touched it! She had to stop waiting.


Lisa actually purchased the console from my “Kari Caldwell Studios for Tah Dah” video and turned it into a fabulous bathroom sink! So when she knew it was the time to make changes in her home, she asked Tah Dah and they sent her to me!


I decided that my grey plaster finish (from my tutorial video here ) would add the perfect look and mask all that dark color.  I painted it, put the beautiful stone plaster on using my technique from my video twice and waxed it down. The only black I decided to keep on this wall was the inside of the fireplace. This is a look that makes the messy dirty black fireplaces look clean, elegant, and masks off that sooty inside.



Lisa was so amazed at the end results. I took away that old traditional fluting and filled it with the plaster to get a solid strong yet soft look. It really matches her home and is such a beautiful stone look.

If you want to learn how you too can change a bold built in, consider learning how to do it yourself with the help of my tutorial! Watch the trailer below, you can buy this tutorial by clicking here.

You can always fill out a consultation if you want me to do it for you too 😉

I hope you all make the changes in  your home so you are always happy.


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