Is your Fear of the Internet Holding You Back?

I was remembering long ago when everyone was hesitant to get on the computer. We all didn’t want to get on social media out of fear. That was a very scary time where you would hear of scams, kidnapping, and other monstrosities happening to people online when you turned on the news. We were in a panic that someone is going to harm us, our family, our money, our homes. I think from being a mom myself I totally can understand how that put fear in a lot of people and can make you want to distrust everyone you see on the world wide web.
I travel the world. I don’t distrust humanity that much to never leave my home. I get on social media and as soon as I get a bad vibe from my intuition about someone, they are gone and blocked. I never hear or see from then again. Do not let these fears, irrational fears stop you from connecting with inspirational people that can teach you a lot.
I am bringing this to your attention because I wanted to make it clear that everything I am showing you, giving you, and telling you on social media or in your inbox is genuine from me, personally. You can trust me. I want to build a relationship with you all for following me, reading my posts, watching my videos. I want to build a better sense of community with you all. You can’t have a friendship, mentorship, or even a relationship without trust. It’s a dead energy both ways and to be honest I need to get rid of it!
I think that I have lots to give you all if you are willing to receive. I feel in the dark at times and I need your help to guide me. Sometimes I think maybe my video tutorials weren’t appealing and I wasn’t giving enough of my teaching so I created my summer of finishes. Yet, that weird dead energy is still lingering. I need you to guide me more and show up online so you all can get more out of me.
I love my little summer of finishes group so much and they are already doing amazing work in there. I am thankful I attracted so many exciting and artistic people. They trust me and follow my teachings and it is rolling out beautifully. They are logging into their computers and come from many different backgrounds, cities, states, far away from me down here in southern California. I am so blessed that they don’t let this weird distrust people can have when it comes to the internet stop them from creating so much greatness.
Now, I want your trust. Reply and talk to me. Let’s start building a community. If you are on social media please go check out my Facebook page. If you are not a social media person but love seeing everything I do, then my Youtube or instagram is for you to check out. If you are more low key and not into hanging out on the internet but you’re getting this via email then just reply! I read every single email.
I need to cater and be a better “friend.” I’d like to think of you to think of me as your friend who can also teach you to get the most out of painting or designing your home. What do you want in your home that I can give you? Tips? videos? A personal live call? Let’s start making these connections.
If you are shy and reluctant to make these connections with me, I get it, and maybe you need to just read and watch to get inspired. If you are not getting inspired, if you are not learning anything, if you are not trusting me, then you need to ask yourself why you are even reading this very message. Declutter your world a little. Find someone that does inspire you and you can vibe with a little better. Don’t be afraid to explore more inspiring people. Creative people learn from other creative people everyday.
For everyone who has been making these connections and commenting on posts, watching videos, applying my teachings to their homes and lives. I cannot thank you enough for being my strength and foundation of this small community I am trying to build. You are my people, my group, my tribe. I will do right by you and give you the most I can if your point me to what you need.
The summer of finishes is still going on and it is NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN. Yes, you read that right. You can join whenever you want before September 20th.
If this summer is a bad time for you to take time and learn thorough my program, it’s okay. Just stay connected and you will have other opportunities to gain the same knowledge or even more.
Thank you all for trusting me,

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