How to Age with Glaze!

In get this question so so often I thought I’d make it into a nice little blog post for you all.

To get this look you will need:
1 rag
1 Chip brush
1 bucket
General Finishes Van Dyke Brow water based Glaze Effect. (You can buy this here: )

This is a really simple process that makes really great results.

The goal is to get into all the cracks of cabinetry, carvings, and edges. The brown glaze gives off an aged feel that is perfectly custom.

Watch this video to find out how I do this and what the end results look like:

Remember, the glaze is key! Get it here:

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6 thoughts on “How to Age with Glaze!”

    1. I would use an oil based stain or glaze if you’re working on oil cabinets. Oil and water don’t mix!

  1. i am new to painting with chalk paint, and painted my jitchen cabinets. i wanted to know do i need to apply a polycrylic topcoat prior to using the general finsishes van dyke brown glaze?

    1. If you are using a chalk paint you need to clear coat because it is too dry. You need a surface to easily “slip” around the stain and it has something to hold onto.

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