DIY Ant, Fly, and Spider Spray + Stylish Bottles

Summer is here so of course so all the little critters that invade our spaces like ants, fruit flies, and spiders are coming to say hello in places theyre not supposed to be. A lot of my clients hate having those big ugly bottles with harsh chemicals in them so I suggest a natural remedy that is also stylish.

For flies and insect pests:

-Mix 1/4th cup of water and 1/4th cup of vodka.

– Add 15 drops of peppermint essential oil.

-Add 15 drops of tea tree oil.

-Add 7 drops of a citrus oil of your choosing (orange, grapefruit, lemon.)

Mix this concoction and put into a vintage plant mister. The vintage glass plant misters give your new remedy a better face to look at rather than those bright spray plastic bottles. The vintage plant mister could sit on your kitchen window shelf, a table, stay in your garden, and still gives you a design element rather than a distracting bright spray bottle.

You can order the plant misters on amazon in a variety of colors and sizes. I know it may not seem like a big deal but just getting rid of the heavy harsh chemicals in bug sprays and the bright distracting bottle they can come in, can add a more livable interesting space to your environment. Place the bottle on a stack of vintage books or gardening magazines and you have added an interesting stage to kill bugs.

Do you love this vintage bottle look as well?


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