7 Easy Ways to Incorporate the Color Black in Your Home

Don’t shy away from black! No it’s not too dark for your space and actually your place might look better if you pop it in here and there. Black is actually a neutral tone that is a natural color.  Just like in fashion it flatters! The contrast adds dimension and makes a room feel more grounded. Black looks really good with all colors, whites, and grays. My favorite look is the matte black look. It doesn’t look to dark because it’s so soft and it instantly turns anything super chic.

If you have a home on the more masculine or modern side, it may be easy to put a pop of black, but for those who want to incorporate black and don’t know how here are five tips:

  1. a chalk board!

A chalk board wall or even a framed chalk board will give you that calming black that can really be the think you need in a space. This technique doesn’t really work with colored chalk boards. This is also multi functional. You can draw a cool design or write reminders on the board.

2) Paint a large furniture piece black

Yes, paint a large furniture piece black. This can help remove those bulky built ins wardrobes from sticking out so much by camouflaging them into your space. I would also consider painting your Island black as well because that often is the largest piece in a home sometimes.

3) Paint a door black.

Paint the doors inside your home black or repaint the front door black. This isn’t that spooky or weird for doors to be black. It won’t look odd and will really make your hallways more calming.

4) Pop in a patterned rug with black in it

Sometimes something as simple as a patterned rug is all you need to bring in the color black. Rugs with black designs are perfect to create interest yet not overwhelm a space.


5) Lampshades and lamps

If anything, this is a really easy simple tip to put black in your home easily. Just a pop of this in your lighting area will bring in the color you need!

6) Chair legs!

Repaint chair legs to a black. This is also very simple and could be what you needed to get the uniformed and polished look into the room.

7) Your Sink Faucet!

A friend of mine recently installed a black faucet and I love that idea. A clean kitchen can handle a black faucet. That is such a simple and great way to utilize black in your space.

Where else have you put the color black into your space? Are you inspired to try black now?

Thank you for reading!


*******All photos came from Pinterest.com/ they didn’t have sourcing, if these are yours let me know*********

The timeless and clean tile that will look gorgeous in your space

Hey there.

Clients time and time again are always wary on tile. What is stylish now? If you have that orange Spanish noce tile….It’s time to update and get your space up to date with the times! The look right now is clean subway tiles!

Subway tile is great if you have a home with kids. The tile resists stains and is easy to wipe off and clean. Because it’s so simple, it’s easy to incorporate different styles and it will last a long time through trends and through out the years. This style isn’t going anywhere!

You can use it in laundry rooms, as a backsplash in a kitchen, in bathrooms, wherever you can think to place tile. Heck, even do a whole wall if you can do it.

Usually it runs fairly cheap. Get an estimate from your local tiling place, and you may be surprised how low the cost is.

You can pick a white grout or a gray for a subtle contrast.

There is more than one installation pattern. Choose whichever speaks to you the most. I personally love the subway style the best in my clients homes.

You can get a super minimalistic look by making the grout lines thin or non existent. Butting them right next to each other.

Subway tiles come in 9 different styles, so whichever look you want to achieve make sure to do some research!

What do you think of subway tiles? Is this something you see your space having? Make your home modern for less with this simple and timeless tile.

*All photos courtesy of Pinterest*

Our Moroccan Adventure

Hello my friends!

I want to invite you to something totally different. I want you to come with me to the fabulous Marrakesh, Morocco! Yes, you!

Morocco is such an inspiring place I love to travel to and fuel up on inspiration and to kind of get back into the zen of working my business. It is my special place that I wish so many people could experience because it has given me an abundance of inspiration and knowledge of the country and the culture.

I know some people may not be as much of a free spirit as I am and get worried when considering going to a foreign country, but please know I will be here for you and to help you along every step of the way.

This adventure is includes:

  • Breakfast. Wake up every morning to a rooftop or a beautiful dinning room with food prepared just for you.
  • Tours. Experience the Moroccan culture and see the old world craft and architecture. Explore vendors and street artisans.
  • Lunches. A new unique taste every day.
  • Spa. Relax and unwind to a fabulous retreat by the best of the best in spas.
  • Dinner. Dine together and enjoy the most beautiful restaurants and surround yourself in flavors.


All you have to do is show up and experience Marrakech. You won’t have to worry about anything, the plans are all ready for you to join.

This  is not a painting or design retreat, this is just an adventure I want you to come with me to.

Unfortunately I can only take 6 people this time so the adventure is very limited but do not be discouraged to not try to attend.


A shared room & adventure: $2395

A private room & adventure: $2895

I will try to make this as affordable as possible for you, and we can even discuss a payment plan! 

The deadline for a payment plan will be June 30th! otherwise you will have to pay in full to join.
If you are up for this adventure please email me with the subject line as “I want to adventure with you” and we can confirm your spot for your adventure, I’ll send you an itinerary, and we can discuss your payment options.

Hope to meet you all and spend time with you in Morocco!