Secret Source Club

My fellow happy painters!

I am so happy and excited to share with you my newest program: the Secret Source Club. This will be a paid monthly subscription and will run through a Facebook group where you decide the content! The main goal of this club is to encourage you all to be more free and fearless about painting and creating finishes.

I get questions all the time about how I come up with looks, how I knew how to use which product, and so on and so fourth. The truth is: I am a rule breaker. I can’t learn step by step. I have to experiment in order to grow. I have been shamed by a variety of people for doing things my way instead of the step by step way. I like to mix things up and treat every project like art. A lot of my success as a decorative painter is all given credit to that. I want to teach people how to paint this way. I want people to have the courage to rebel a little and trust themselves enough to create something totally different than what they could imagine. I  want to give people a look they want by teaching them a new technique. I want to let people know it’s okay to not be uptight about creating a look. It’s okay to be free and break these weird structures a lot of people think they need in order to get a beautiful look. So my friends, I give you the Secret Source Club.

Secret Source Club

How does this work?  Well, Starting out I will get to know each one of you and learn more about what you want to get out of this group and I will create content accordingly.

This is the perfect opportunity if you:

  • Teach a chalk paint class and want to know more techniques.
  • You are a hobbyist and want to know what I know.
  • If you are working on large scale projects.
  • You need interior design help.
  • Or you want to start up your business and need help.

This club will be the place to get what you want from me so I can teach you directly! I will be the source to guide you to the next level of painting.

Since it’s online, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. We can all come together and I can teach you exactly what you want and need.

Join right now.

This is a lot different from my previous Summer of Finishes and Harvest of Finishes Facebook groups. Instead of me deciding what finishes you are going to learn, in the secret source club, YOU DECIDE what you want to learn! You bring me what you want and I give you the content.

The Secret Source Club will include:

  • Live tutorials, tips, and pre videos to my content.
  • Consultations, help, support, and feedback from myself and others in the club.
  • Requests! You can request what content that YOU want to see. I will make videos specifically for YOU!
  • A small community of people who want to venture out of boring painting projects as well. You are welcomed to post photos, comment and receive uplifting comments on your work!
  • You can learn about other products besides paint to create amazing work

Because this club is all about freedom, you are welcome to join and leave at any time you wish. Every person is welcomed warmly to join.

Break free now and join the Secret Source Club by clicking subscribe below ↓